About us

Peter Noblett is the current owner of Assessme Ltd and Nectare Ltd.

Peter’s early years were in HR and was involved with the introduction of psychometric testing in parts of the Post Office. Peter later took the “mature student” route and became a software engineer, working for several companies in the private sector. Peter now has his own company Nectare Ltd and has been involved with the design and commission of a variety of assessment tools, these commissions include:
  • A government funded project to analyse the effectiveness of different forms of training in the financial services industry.
  • A computer based system for a specialist recruitment company in the City of London.
  • Intranet assessment tool for the London Borough of Southwark. This was quite a complex process as the system was used by a broad spectrum of managers across the borough.
  • An audit and assessment system for Tower Hamlets Council's Children's Directorate.

In April 2012 the Nectare business was split with Assessme Ltd being responsible for the marketing, selling and primary support of the AssessMe range of assessment tools. Nectare Ltd still provide high level technical support and the server technology that the Assessme products run on.

The Assessme Team:

Peter Noblett Director
Ashley Fitzgerald Technical Assistant