User Feedback

  • "Simple layout. Intuitive to use. I didn't make use of the guides as the site was quite clear and intuitive to navigate" (LC)
  • "I have just done 2 assessments, I found it very easy to use and quick. I liked the ability to add comments" (KW)
  • "Have completed the questionnaire, it seems very straight forward and the questions are self explanatory" (SJ)
  • "The tool was simple to use and I found it to be intuitive" (SH)
  • "I thought the 360 tool was easy to access and use, and the guidance notes with screen shots were very helpful. The screen layout / colours were not distracting and the functions were easy to follow" (TS)
  • "I completed the tool and thought that it was fine - the same in many respects as other tools, but easy to use and perhaps a little easier to use than some that I have come across" (AH)