Sample Workbooks

A "workbook" is an assessment report that is created in the form of a printable pdf file that can be used as an important aid in helping the assessee identify, plan and monitor their training needs.

Sample 1 - Default Workbook - click here to view

This is the default workbook and contains the default text for each section of the workbook. In practice, a workbook is unlikely to contain all the sections detailed here, the inbuilt Workbook Designer enables you to build your own workbooks specific to the group being assessed.

Sample 2 - Team Leaders - click here to view

This example uses the sections selected by one of our clients to create their workbooks, they edited the text to meet their specific needs.

Sample 3 - Leadership Development - click here to view

This sample contains the sections used by a local authority in their Leadership Development Program.

Sample 4 - Workbook As Simple Assessment Report - click here to view

This sample workbook just contains the introduction and the assessment report.

Sample 5 - With Action Plan - click here to view

Assessed Competences are shown with just the Self, Average of Assessors and Consolidated scores.